Welcome to Tohoku International School,

When my children were younger, one of their favorite books was The Little Engine That Could. It is the story of how a small train engine had the power to pull a set of train cars over a mountain, after all the bigger trains said no. The Little Engine believed they could do it, so it tried and was successful. Tohoku International School is a small school – around 100 students, and yet there is so much we can do!

TIS is the only K-12 International School in Tohoku, serving the International Community as well as the English-speaking Japanese communities of Miyagi prefecture and beyond. Our community consists of more than 20 passport countries, and our teachers desire to see each student succeed. As an International Baccalaureate® World School, our students receive an education that is not only exciting and rigorous but also encourages students to try new things every day.

We are a school that has deep connections to the community and the world. Every year we host an amazing Halloween Festival in October, and in May invite everyone to see our whole-school musicals.

Students at TIS have opportunities that do not exist in many other schools. They make friends with others from around the world. Many of our students are not only bilingual, but tri- and quad-lingual! Biannually our High School students travel overseas to countries like Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines to understand global issues in person.

Our mission is to prepare students for life in an evolving global society. This includes preparing them for life in universities not only here in Japan, but also all over the world. The school’s WASC accreditation means our diploma and school is recognized for its excellence.

While TIS may be small in size, the opportunities it affords its students are immense. Feel free to come visit and learn about the school at any time!

Nicholas Schirmer
Head of School